The JRTA is a provincial Crown Corporation reporting to the provincial Minister of Public Works.

The President & CEO reports to the Deputy Minister of Public Works, who is also the Chair of the JRTA Board.

The Agency reports to an interim Board of Directors made up of the Deputy Minister/Chair and the Chief Engineer of the Department of Public Works and works closely with the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) to help inform and guide the work. 

Aerial of the MacKay Bridge, Bedford Basin, the former Africville lands and Africville Park, with the narrows and Tuft's Cove seen further in the background.


Our work through the Regional Transportation Plan is intended to create a long-term, cohesive approach to regional transportation.  

To achieve this, we need to work together, cultivating new and existing partnerships and building solid long-lasting relationships locally, regionally, and nationally. Collaboration is one of the principles of the JRTA, and collaborative decision-making will be critical to the success of the JRTA and the development and implementation of the Regional Transportation Plan.   

We’ll continue to foster partnerships and build relationships with other municipalities and the broader community. We want to create open lines of communication so that diverse perspectives are shared, heard and included in the development of the Regional Transportation Plan. 

Technical Advisory Board 

The Technical Advisory Board is comprised of senior leaders from each partner organization, bringing a variety of expertise to the board: 

Nova Scotia Department of Public Works

Peter Hackett
Mark Peachey

Halifax Regional Municipality   

Cathie O’Toole 
Dave Reage 

Halifax Harbour Bridges  

Tony Wright 
Ahsan Chowdhury

Halifax International Airport Authority   

Joyce Carter 
Dean Bouchard 

Halifax Port Authority   

Captain Allan Gray 
Michael Davie 

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency   

Chuck Maillet 
Marianne Etter 

Associate Member:

Plans & Reports

Dig in on the planning and reporting the Joint Regional Transportation Agency delivers as part of our mandate.

2022 Annual Report

Details our progress on setting up the Agency, building capacity to deliver the Regional Transportation Plan, and our plans for the year to come.

2024-25 Business Plan

Information on our mandate, priorities, responsibilities, and financials.

2023 Financial Statement

Compares our year-end financial results with the budget plan for the year.

2023-24 Business Plan

Information on our mandate, priorities, responsibilities, and financials.

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